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New HR service channel via a Whatsapp Group for persons with disability 

​In line with Dubai Customs (DC) commitment to provide the best facilities for persons with disability. DC Human Resources Department launched a Whatsapp Group designated for  the disabled working at Dubai Customs, in order to come close to their needs and better serve them. The Whatsapp Group is managed by the HR Gate Team and the Administration Affairs Department.
The HR Department calls upon employees with disability to join the group using mobile number 0554246543, so they can enjoy the benefits of  this facility. The service is available around the clock and includes a wide range of direct services within a time span of two hours only, such as: official letters , employee ID cards, updating the Oracle System and leave submission. It also includes non-direct services like request of transfer between departments, change of the job title and more, which are set to be attended to within 24 hours via this new channel.