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Dubai Customs Organizes Sports Open Day “MY Fitness..My Health” 





Customs Training Centre in Dubai Customs has organized a sports open day “My Fitness.. My Health” in collaboration with DC Committee of social and sports activities.
The activity reflects keenness of Dubai’s Customs management to encourage its employees to maintain their fitness in order to boost their personal well-being and professional performance.
Ahmed Mahboob, Director of Dubai Customs inaugurated the exhibition where sports services and healthy products were displayed. A medical team from Medicare hospital was also present to conduct different medical tests and offer health advices. Many specialized companies have also participate in the exhibition to offer their healthy products and services and many entertainment competitions took place.  
“we always try to remind our employees about the importance of maintaining their fitness and adopting healthy food habits, specially our inspectors who represent their country in front of visitors. Healthy food habits and regular exercising enhance the employees performance on both personal and professional levels” said Ahmed Mahboob.
An awareness session was also held on the same day, a number of healthcare and fitness specialist participated and presented informative presentations to DC employees.