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Knowledge Management Project Organizes Workshop on Positive Energy 



Dubai Customs’ Business Process Department organized a lecture on "Positive Energy" as part of the Knowledge Management project. The lecture, held at DC Dome Hall, was attended by a number of employees, and presented by Hussam Mohammed Juma, Director of Business Process.

The lecture was aimed at self-charging employees with positive energy, as the source of creative and innovative ideas and outstanding performance only comes from people with positive energies who can work as a bee hive.
During the lecture, Hussam Juma explained the concept “positivity,” and its definition as inspired by the Holy Koran and the Sunnah, in addition to the use of examples of positivity from our wise leadership. The lecturer also talked about a number of steps to reward positive actions, in addition to playing a short clip portraying the positive concept at the governmental level. Moreover, the lecturer touched on the ways to implement positive thoughts, the definition of positive energy factors; their constraints; challenges; and characteristics. Besides, the participants were trained to use the CoRT Thinking Program- PMI (Plus, Minus, Interesting).

The Knowledge Team expressed its gratitude to Hussam Juma for this valuable lecture that the abundant information he shared.