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In response to “Your Safety is our Concern” awareness campaignTyres of employees’ vehicles checked  


Dubai Customs, represented by the CSR Section at the Corporate Communication Department, has coordinated with AutoPro, a full service car repair provider fully-owned subsidiary of Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC), to perform complimentary tyres check-ups for employees’ vehicles at DC headquarter. Tyres  of as many as 150 vehicles were checked.
AutoPro issued reports describing the condition of the tyres and offered the vehicles’ owners a 10% discount if they decide to use their services to replace the tyres. The initiative comes in line with DC’s commitment to ensuring the safety of employees and to helping them avoid violations by Dubai Police for driving with tyres in poor condition.
Moreover, the CSR team at Dubai Customs arranged with the General Department of Traffic at Dubai Police to provide DC employees with valuable tips on tyres’ validity and safety, as well as the importance of leaving a safety distance between vehicles on the road.
From Dubai Police, Captain Abdulaziz Al-Shammari, and Corporal Salah Al Deen, and from ENOC, Mohammed Al Zaabi, were present at the initiative.