Our Employees

The Real Investment
Employees are the real investment of Dubai Customs and as part of the strategic objectives for our Human Resource function, it is our aim to develop a superior workforce on an on-going basis. DC aims to create and maintain a positive organizational culture where employees are oriented towards focusing on quality, high performance & continuous improvement through a set of re-engineered and improved HR services and processes. The organization maintains a culture in which high integrity and ethical conduct are recognized, respected and demonstrated by employees. Well defined and articulated Code of Conduct is in place which helps our employees to understand and maintain our high standard of business and personal ethics.
Premium Training Programs
Dubai Customs devotes extra efforts and special attention to the training and empowerment of employees to ensure direct contribution in the preparation of qualified Customs officers that are capable of applying best Customs knowledge and practices to protect the community and its safety. An advanced yearly training plan is planned after careful review of employee capabilities and training needs, as well as analysis of past performances. Though there is a strong emphasis on relying on internal training programs from both corporate and international experts, external trainings are also induced when there is a need. A comprehensive methodology is applied to assess and review the impact and results of these training programs ensuring best standards in the industry.
A Continually Award-Winning Suggestion System
In line with the vision of the UAE leadership, Dubai Customs supports and promotes a culture of employee and stakeholder engagement and involvement. This is achieved through one of the world’s best Employee & Stakeholder Suggestion, Reward and Grievance Systems which has been recognized globally year after year.
Healthy  and Safe Working Environment
Another primary objective of the organization is to develop and sustain the working environment and maintain healthy and safe working conditions. Our occupational health and safety practices are in compliance with the OHSAS 18001 global standards ensuring identified risk management and assessment of any potential hazards. Employee well-being is an integral part of the CSR practices at Dubai Customs; accordingly, dedicated activities, programs and projects are always organized with the involvement of internal and external volunteers.
Dubai Customs employs 2880 male and female personnel, of whom 84% are UAE nationals.
The organization is fully committed to meeting the country’s localization goals and ardently supports the national vision in this respect. It constantly and relentlessly endeavors to attract, develop and retain the best qualified Emirati cadres.