Bringing both working mother and her child under one ceiling.
• Creating an educational, secure, healthy and inciting environment for child’s growth close to his/her mother.
• Building child’s confidence, preparing him/her to be an active member in his/her community, and ensuring smooth transition into school life.
• Granting working mothers a psychological relief and employment stability close to her child.
• Providing warm environment similar to that the child can find with his/her family 
Cultural Project
The Department pays great attention to its HR social responsibility as part as a part of its social responsibility towards the community as a whole.
In this regard, our initiative to establish a nursery, as the first one in all governmental departments in Dubai, has been instigated as part of the National Corporate Child Care Project (NCCP), being supported and sponsored by the consort of H.H Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Presidential Affairs, Sheikha Manal bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President of Dubai Women Establishment.
We intent by this cultural project to provide peace of mind to our female employees, and secure their work stability by keeping their children close to them. This helps our female workforce to maintain a balance between work and family life in line with our core values and social responsibility.
We hope that such nursery reflexes some of Dubai Customs social objectives , which go hand in hand with its economic objectives, achieving its vision to increase employees satisfaction and accordingly their productivity, for the welfare of UAE in general and Dubai in particular.
Educational Project
By early April 2009, the consort of H.H Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Presidential Affairs, Sheikha Manal bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President of Dubai Women Establishment (DWE), HAS INAUGURATED THE Dubai Customs Nursery, the first model nursery for working women’s children in all Dubai governmental departments.
The initiative has been a part of Dubai Customs’ social responsibility to enable its working female employees to successfully maintain a work-life balance supporting both individuals and community.
The nursery has been established in compliance with the best health and safety practices and standards, with a motivating and educational environment. The nursery is comfortably furnished, and managed by highly qualified and specialized female staff. Moreover, Dubai Customs has been providing the nursery with all requirements including toys, means of entertainment and education, and all health and educational needs for all children.
Starting from March 2010, the nursery extended its services to register the children of male employees. In April 2009, the nursery has received 16 children, the number which increased to reach 38 children at the end of 2013.
Dubai Customs Nursery
The most suitable place for children being in trustworthy arms, warmly embraced in a rejoicing atmosphere surrounded by educational books and games, in addition to movement skills, healthy food and medical care.
Rules & Regulations
• Nursery’s working hours shall be observed.
• Child shall be dropped off at the nursery’s door only, and shall be collected from the same point.
• Only parents or the person to be assigned in writing by them shall be permitted to pick up the child.
• No medicine shall be given to the child unless the same is approved in writing by the parents. For long term treatment, the nursery shall give the child the prescribed medicine as per the parents’ writing instructions.
• To ensure non-diffusion of infectious diseases , it is necessary that parents keep the sick child at home until the complete recovery.
• In an attempt to admit the maximum number of children , and meet the increasing number of enrolment requests, the nursery shall automatically replace any child, whom is found to be absent for 10 respective days without proper justification, with another child according to the waiting list.
• Children shall not be permitted to wear jewellery inside the nursery to assure the maximum safety. Dubai Customs shall not be responsible for the loss of any jewellery items.
Admission Criteria:
Children from two months to four years shall be admitted to the Nursery.
Working Hours:
The nursery shall open its doors from 7:15 am to 2:45 pm.
Registration Fees shall be AED 100 one time only, while monthly fees shall be AED 500. These fees may be amended as per work requirements.
The Curriculum:
The nursery has an integrated educational curriculum, including teaching Islamic studies, Arabic, English, math, lines shapes and colours, which is based on the British foundation curriculum and Montessori learning system. Children are encouraged to use all their senses, and explore everything in order to be ready for joining school.
Medical Care
A permanent nurse shall be present at all times at the nursery for the children’s wellbeing. As well, a visiting  Paediatrician shall be present once a month to conduct examinations, and assure all of the children are fit and healthy.
Other Activities & Events:
The nursery holds a number of events and activities, such as:
Private Celebrations:
Child private celebrations may be hold at the nursery’s premises, in coordination with the nursery’s administration two days before the date of the event.
Public Celebrations:
The nursery celebrates all national and religious occasions; such as the National Day, mid of Shaban, Hajj… etc.
Sports Day:
The nursery dedicates one day a week for physical education. Parents shall be asked to dress their children in sportswear; such as T-shirts and sneakers.
The nursery arranges interesting trips to such places included within the educational books in order to help children to know more about what they have in such books.
The Colour of the Month:
The nursery defines a specific colour on the first Thursday of each month. Children can be dressed in such colour, and may bring their toys that carry the colour of the month.
For more information, please contact:
Dubai Customs Child Care
P.O. Box: 63, Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04 - 4177527/6
Fax: 04 – 4177528