People of determination are an integral part of the Dubai Customs work system and society at large. In its strategic plan Dubai Customs adopted empowerment of people of determination as a key part of its workforce. The organization has provided all resources and requirements to enable these individuals and give them a fair chance to serve their community and their nation through an inclusive, disability-friendly workplace environment. Dubai Customs website is equipped with latest tools making it easily accessible to persons with disabilities.

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Working with DubaiCustoms

Dubai Customs is always eager to attract the top national talent to its working environment .


To view Dubai Customs vacancies, please visit Dubai Careers website at the following link

Dubai Careers Portal


Dubai Customs is fully committed to Dubai Government's initiative of Emiratization to recruit and retain quality Emiratis and to meet Nationalization targets set by the Dubai Custom Strategic Human Resources plan.

Dubai Custom's Emiratization initiative continues to evolve to meet the growing needs of the company and its national workforce. In recent years the focus has progressed simply from recruiting UAE nationals to developing them as professionals, capable of performing their duties with highest standards.

Employee development

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