Discount Programme



Date: 2016

Dear Dubai Customs suppliers


Dubai Customs is one of the largest government organizations in Dubai employing nearly 3000 staff in its various departments.

We are pleased to submit herewith an offer for a mutually beneficial contract with your esteemed firm concerning special rates for Dubai Customs staff at your outlets

As a part of Dubai Customs efforts to offer best services to its staff in various fields, we would like you to participate with us in offering some sort of discount on your products for Dubai Customs staff granted by showing the ID cards for Dubai Customs (Attached copy)

You can benefit from such a large of potential customers, who may rely exclusively on you to purchase their favourite products or avail various services

If you accept the offer please specify the following as official letters:

· Discount rate

· Name of coordinator

· List the participating outlets

· Specify the time duration for the discount rates (one year or more)

· Provide us a logo of our organization along with the website address.

We will appreciate if you would kindly make your response to this offer known to us as soon as possible

Please don’t hesitate to contact

Ms’ Shaikha Buasaiba 04 4177684

Thanks & Best Regards

منى بدر سالم- MUNA BADER SALEM

مدير وحدة شؤون الموردين- MANAGER OF VENDORS AFFAIRS UNIT

دائرة جمارك دبي – DUBAI CUSTOMS