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Dubai Customs conducts 13 public auctions in the 1st half of current year 

Dubai Customs conducted during the first half of the current year 13 public auctions at three customs centers making a total revenue of AED 7.262 Million, a move reflecting Dubai Customs keenness on sale of goods whose owners failed to complete their customs clearing procedures within the legal period pursuant to the provisions of the common customs law.
Jebel Ali Customs Center took up the greatest part of auction sales by conducting in the first half of 2010 four public auctions recording a sale value of AED 4.415 Million, which included vehicles, steel, timber, furniture, used tyres, auto spare parts, bicycles, food stuff, toys and electrical appliances.
Dubai cargo village conducted in the same period of the current year five public auctions with a total value of sales reaching AED 2.738 million covering DNATA zone, cargo village, free zone, Emirates cargo, passengers lost baggage at terminals 1,2 and 3. The sold goods included ready made garments, footwear, textiles, mobile telephones, accessories, cameras, carpets, auto spare parts and machines spare parts.
The Dry Port conducted fours public auctions during the first half of 2010 with a total value of AED 109 thousand included personal effects, furniture, vehicle, cleaning machines and poles of copper.
Mr. Younis Ibrahim, the Operations manager at Cargo Village Customs center pointed out that the goods whose owners failed to complete their customs clearing procedures are sold by public auction pursuant to the provisions of Articles 166-171 of the common customs law regarding sale of goods.
“the goods whose owners have not cleared them within the legal period (reaching 3 months) are transferred from handling authorities or shipping companies to the auction office at Dubai Customs”, he said.
“As far as the proceeds of sale are concerned, some amounts are deducted to fulfill payment of customs duties, costs of sale process, transportation charges at customs stores or the investing bodies stores or yards and any other charges”, he explained.
“The persons concerned may claim refund of such amount within one year from the sale date otherwise such balance will be transferred to the treasury,” he added.

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