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Dubai Customs calls on customers to avail 80% discount on customs cases’ penalties before end of the year 

Dubai Customs has reminded its customers to avail 80% reduction on penalties applicable for customs cases before the offer expires end of this year. Customers can avail the discount when they pay the remaining 20% of the fine amounts as well as the payable customs duties.

As announced back in December last year, the time limit for availing the fine reduction ends on 31-12-2021. 

The initiative is part of the Dubai government’s economic stimulus package to alleviate the burden on businesses and help them navigate challenges as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.The move also enables customers to benefit from installment-based payment of their penalties accrued in customs cases. 

The decision applies to uncollected customs fines imposed by a judicial judgment as well as those that have been paid in installments to Dubai Customs, where reduction will apply to the remaining installments, which will be rescheduled.

The cases under execution at Dubai Courts will also stand to benefit from the fine reduction on the remaining payable amounts.
Businesses and individuals must settle their customs cases and pay any charges due, including customs duties resulting from the case, if due, before December 31, 2021, to avail of these waivers.

HE Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, CEO of Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation, Director General of Dubai Customs, said: "Dubai Customs’ incentive drive aims to ease the impact of Covid-19 circumstances on local businesses and traders and help them maintain good returns on their investments. By offering eligible companies 80% off on customs cases fines with the option to pay out in instalments, we want to help our customers sustain their business continuity in support of the UAE’s overall sustainable economic growth and development.”

“Dubai Customs is focusing its efforts towards the ‘Projects of the 50’ by launching development initiatives and incentives aiming to boost Dubai’s foreign trade to AED 2 trillion over the next 5  years”, he added. 

Besides the reduction on customs fines, the trade sector has already benefited from several key incentive measures, including a 20 per cent refund of the customs duty paid for goods imported and sold locally in the UAE that are subject to the 5 per cent standard customs duty rate.
The facilities offered also included refund or cancellation of the Dh50,000 bank or cash guarantee for customs brokers and clearing companies, in addition to cancellation of bank guarantees required to be submitted before resolution of customs-related grievances.

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