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DXB Int’l Airport dealt with 4k items of luggage and 2,800 every hour last October  

DXB Int’l Airport dealt with 4k items of luggage and 2,800 every hour last October 
Director General of Dubai Customs: We are proud partners of DXB Airport’s success

In line with the opening of Concourse A at Dubai International Airport’s Terminal3, H.E. Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, CEO of Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation, Director General of Dubai Customs visited the airport to ensure readiness to handle the increasing traffic of passengers. It is expected that around 1.8 million passenger will travel through DXB International Airport between 25th November to 5th December 2021, daily average of 164,000 passengers.

The opening of the new concourse is an important step to retain the busiest airport’s full operational capacity. 

Musabih toured terminals 1 and 3 and the operations room. Accompanied by Ibrahim Kamali, Director of Passenger Operations Department Musabih met with the heads of sections and departments in the airport. 

Musabih reaffirmed the role DXB International Airport in facilitating travel around the world connecting west with east, and its success story as the world’s busiest airport.

“We are proud of Dubai Customs’ role at the airport. Our smart and unique systems help facilitate and reduce travel procedures without compromising security. Dubai dealt with 2.7 million items of luggage on board 11,382 flights last October; an hourly average of 4,000 items of luggage and 2,800 passengers. This number will increase during holidays, which means we are handling massive numbers that necessitate continuous improvement of smart systems and inspection techniques to ensure a pleasant travel experience for all passengers, and at the same time to secure our borders against any illegitimate smuggling attempts,” said Musabih. 

On his part, Kamali said; “The Passenger Operations Department plays an essential role in facilitating passenger traffic, especially during this period where we see a massive influx of visitors. We are all the time up to it and when it comes to holidays and festive seasons, we have further arrangements to cope up with the increasing number of passengers, which include increasing the number of inspectors. We have 800 inspectors in the Department. Our disruptive app, iDeclare, enable all passengers to declare their belongings ahead of their arrival to the airport, and this reduces the time needed to declare at the airport, and reduce customs procedures to only four minutes. Another initiative is the smart I Box, which reduce the time of handling precious belongings to only 1 minutes using the QR Code.” 

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