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Dubai Customs among top five workplaces for women in the Gulf 

Dubai Customs ranked among top five workplaces for women in the Gulf by Great place to Work organization, after heated competition with 450 public and private organizations. 

The annual benchmarking study assesses the level of credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie within an organization, and forms part of the world’s largest employee survey.

This accolade reflects the massive efforts taken at the Organization to empower female employees, which was done through a plethora of initiatives and programs. That was particularly evident during the pandemic in which female employees were given priority to work from home.
 “We congratulate our female employees for this recognition which reflects our hard work to provide a greater sense of fairness, collaboration, and professional development for female employees,” said H.E. Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, CEO of Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation, Director General of Dubai Customs. “These positive experiences empower women to bring their full potential to the workplace and the world following national agendas and vision. It is part of the national collective efforts towards the achievement of the objectives of the UAE Centennial Plan 2071.” 

There are 741 female employees at Dubai customs, which represents around 30% of the total human capital. They work in different sectors including inspection and other field jobs.  

Eman Tahir, head of Corporate Culture, HR Division said; “Female employees enjoy a distinguished position in Dubai Customs. They play very active and noticeable part in the development of the Government Department, which is evident in their great contribution and feats in the customs sector. Our role is to provide a positive workplace for our female employees to help them be more creative and productive.”   

"With all of this in mind, and to recognize the female employees’ exceptional achievements, we have launched Al Thuraya Award, which inspires female employees to innovate and motivate them to bring about their best.”

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