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Dubai Customs recycles 134,000 counterfeit items for 42 brands, street value AED1.018m  

Dubai Customs recycled 134,000 counterfeit items for 42 brands, with a street value of AED1.018 million as part of their efforts in combating piracy and counterfeiting, and supporting sustainable development.

Recycling counterfeit goods helps brand owners get rid of copied products, without negatively affecting the environment.

The goods included bags, clothes, watches, gloves, glasses and car filters. The recycling operation took place in the presence of US, Germany, Japan and UK diplomatic mission representatives.

“The IPR Department works closely with different partners to curb counterfeiting in line with TRIPS agreement,” said Yousef Ozair Mubarak, Director of IPR Department. “Recycling allows us to convert unusable counterfeit goods into valuable commodities, while protecting the environment in terms of reducing landfill and the carbon dioxide emissions associated with incineration. 

“Our priority is to prevent the entry of these goods into the country, and for this we work closely with the diplomatic missions and the right owners to achieve best results in protecting intellectual property rights and the investors’ interests.
“Recycling counterfeit goods is a great option for brand owners that protects their rights and prevents any illegitimate competition to their products.”  

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