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Dubai Customs graduates 5th batch of leadership program 

Within its efforts to develop the skills of its employees and qualify them to lead the future, Dubai Customs graduated the 5th batch of its prospective leaders. The training program was conducted in cooperation with Biz Group and was endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

 The ceremony was organized online due to the current spread of the pandemic and was attended by His Excellency Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director General of Dubai Customs and a number of executive directors and male and female graduates. 

The program was launched around the end of 2019 and aimed at developing the leadership skills of the employees and qualifying them to assume leading positions in the future. The program helps the would-be leaders fast-track their way to leading senior positions and equips them with skills, knowledge and personal abilities to lead and succeed. 16 employees joined the program. 

His Excellency Ahmed Mahboob Musabih congratulated the graduates and said the plan of Dubai Customs is to hone the skills of the employees and give them niche expertise following the government strategies and its preparations for the future.  

“Investing in the human capital is a sustainable investment. Being able to direct teams, coordinate resources and demonstrate the creativity to drive a business forward are just some of the key attributes that you that we seek to instil in our prospective managers and leaders. We ensured our graduates have acquired outstanding managerial capabilities combined with energy, enthusiasm and lots of vision for the future to support our quest in facilitating legitimate trade and as part of the national efforts of building strong competencies in line with the UAE Centennial 2071 Plan” Musabih added. 

The Director General of Dubai Customs hailed the employees for their efforts in completing the program and gaining the needed skills which will be part of the future competencies in Dubai Customs within its strategy to be the leading customs organization worldwide supporting legitimate trade and the national plans for the next 50 years. 

On his part, Mohammed Al Ghaffari, Acting Executive Director, Human Resources, Finance and Administration Division at Dubai Customs said:
“We are graduating the 5th batch of employees who gained a lot of leadership skills throughout the program. This will not only help them advance and progress to a senior level but will also help Dubai Customs well prepare for the future challenges and opportunities.” 

The program covered 9 training workshops around motivation, authorization, leadership, and behaviour over 912 training hours (57 hours for each employee) including 211 online training hours. 

During the training, the Virtual Reality Leadership Lab was launched which is the latest addition to the training activity in Dubai Customs.

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