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Dubai Customs IP Award for Public /Private Schools – 1 st & 2nd cycles category 2019-2020


About the award:

Dubai Customs launched the IP Award for Schools and Universities in 2007, as part of its IPR Department’s plan to encourage full community engagement in IPR protection and to educate students, an important consumer group, on their intellectual property and how to preserve their rights.
The Award aims at measuring the coming generation’s IPR awareness and through that the impact of respective campaigns run by Dubai Customs to sensitize the public about the risks of counterfeiting on consumers’ health and the country’s economy. Proposed research and projects are utilized in establishing a constructive knowledge base.

Categories of the Award and Criteria:



Evaluation Criteria


Best Innovative Idea

Original, creative & feasible idea supported by academic research or detailed project document.


Best Innovative Product

Smart app – device that serves Customs business supported by academic research or detailed project document.


Best IP Awareness Campaign

Use of innovative, modern technology-based methods – locally and internationally


Best IP Awareness Film

Creativity and innovation in presenting the topic (Filming – Production – Direction)


Objectives of the Competition/Award:

  1. Boosting loyalty, responsibility and national identity as well as the spirit of volunteerism amongst school students.
  2. Developing leadership abilities and imparting cooperation and teamwork skills to school supervisors and students.
  3. Promoting innovative work environments and enhancing peroformance
  4. Protecting the society from counterfeiting, fraud and copyright infringement.
  5. Involving students in the identification of counterfeit products and raising awareness of their dangers amongst families.
  6. Benefiting from international experiences in IPR.
  7. Encouraging students to create, develop, research and innovate
  8. ​Investing the latest and most sophisticated AI tools and using them in intellectual property field.


Activities required to be implemented by participating schools:

  1. Identify a common problem, find appropriate solutions and make applicable recommendations.
  2. Keep abreast of best international IP awareness practices.
  3. Enhancing and activating artificial intelligence (AI) in intellectual property field.
  4. Transfer knowledge of intellectual property through social media or any other sophisticated channels.
  5. Arrange campaigns, visits and trips that spread awareness around the concept of intellectual property.
  6. Organize lectures, seminars, meetings and workshops on intellectual property internally and externally.
  7. Introducing the concept of intellectual property to as many students as possible as well as the local and global community.


Conditions for participation:

  1. School submissions should meet the conditions and requirements of the Dubai Customs IP Awards (Classification and authorship)
  2. Project name : Every participating school will choose a name for the project and the Customs management shall approve the participation form which shall contain the name, theme and objectives of the project.
  3. Language : The project must be printed clearly in Arabic or English.
  4. Number of projects : Each school may compete with one project only.
  5. The entity in charge of the project, which is Dubai Customs, shall be mentioned along with its logo, as well as the name and logo of the participating school.
  6. Project team : Each project shall be handled by a team consisting of 5 students and 2 supervisors.
  7. The project should be original and not a replication of a previously submitted project either wholly or partially in terms of material, attachments, pictures or any other activities.
  8. Submissions that do not contain the IPR team’s visit form to the school will not be accepted.

Projects evaluation criteria:

When evaluating submitted projects, the jury will take into consideration the following criteria:

First criterion: Project alignment & relevance

# Sub-criterion

1.1 The appropriateness and relevance of the project submitted for IPR protection and application in the UAE and the extent to which it properly addresses IP-related issues.

1.2 Identification of the problem and providing appropriate solutions.

1.3 Creativity and innovation.

1.4 Suitability of innovation (AI) for the vision and purposes of customs operations.

Second criterion: Outcomes


2.1 Project effectiveness.

2.2 Usefulness and practicality of the project.

2.3 Serving and engaging internal and external community through education and awareness raising .

2.4 The project may have tangible economic impact within the UAE in one or more fields.

Third criterion: Project management

# Sub-criterions

3.1 The project participants’ observance and application of the Awards criteria.

3.2 Organization, preparation and coordination.

3.3 Project submission within the set timeframe.

3.4 Teamwork and cooperation among team members.

Targeted segments

  • Students of public and private schools in the UAE (grades 4 to 12).
  • Special needs students.
  • The award: The top three winners will take home a cash prize (15% for school, 20% for supervisors and 65% for students) in addition to recognition certificates.

Location (competition’s venue)

Presentation of the participating projects will take place at Dubai Customs HQ.

Deadline for Submission of Projects

The IPR Award has been postponed till further notice.

Registration timeframe and requirements 

The IPR Award has been postponed till further notice.

Classification of competition



Dubai Customs


Ministry of Education


IP specialists

Experts from the MoE

Innovation specialists

Electronic applications specialists

Specialists in artificial intelligence