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Standards of Dubai Customs IPR Award for private and public schools – stage one and two category 2017-2018


Dubai Customs launched the IP Award for Schools in 2007 in line with its IPR Department’s plan to encourage full community engagement in IPR protection, and to educate students on their intellectual rights and how to reserve them.

The Award aims at measuring the upcoming generation’s awareness of IPR and educating the public about the risks of counterfeiting on consumers’ health and the country’s economy. Proposed research and projects are utilized in establishing a constructive knowledge base.


  • Boosting loyalty, accountability and national identity as well as the spirit of philanthropy amongst school students.
  • Developing leadership skills and reaffirming the spirit of cooperation and teamwork amongst college/university supervisors and students.
  • Providing guidance on IPR and innovation.
  • Protecting the society from counterfeiting, fraud and copyright infringement.
  • Involving students in the identification of counterfeit products and raising awareness of their dangers amongst families.
  • Benefiting from international experiences in IPR.
  • Encouraging students to create, develop, research and innovate

Type of initiatives expected from schools:

  • Arranging visits and trips that spread awareness around the concept of intellectual property.
  • Organising lectures, seminars, meetings and workshops on intellectual property internally and externally.
  • Transferring knowledge of intellectual property through social networks.
  • Keeping abreast of best international IP practices.
  • Identifying a common problem, finding appropriate solutions and making applicable recommendations.
  • Introducing the concept of intellectual property to as many students as possible as well as the local community.

Creative Category

# Category Standard
# Best idea Disruptive idea- updated idea

For example:

  • Best IPR/Customs Innovation/Invention
  • Awareness film on IPR
  • Social media campaign on IPR
  • Any other innovative ideas

Who can participate:

  • The competition is open to all school students in the UAE
  • Students of grades (4-5-6-7-8-9)
  • Students of determination (special needs)


  • All participating schools shall meet all requirements of the Dubai Customs IP Award (composition and classification)
  • Project title: Every school selects the project’s name and the management shall approve the application form by writing down the name, logo and goals of the project on the form
  • Language: The project shall be printed clearly in Arabic or English - preferably Arabic
  • Number of projects: Every school can compete with one project only
  • The entity in charge of the project, which is Dubai Customs, shall be mentioned along with its logo, the Ministry of Education’s logo and the name and logo of the school
  • Work team: Every project shall be carried out by 5 students and 2 supervisors
  • The project or research shouldn’t be a repetition or previously submitted wholly or partially (attachments, material, pictures) to other competitions
  • The application form of the IPR team’s visit should be filled out and submitted along with the participation application.

Criteria of evaluation:

The following criteria will be looked at and taken into consideration by the judges:

First: relevance
# Standard
1.1 To see how fit the project is for IPR protection and application in the UAE
2.1 Identification of the problem and giving solutions
3.1 Creativity
Second: Outcome
# Standard
1.2 effectiveness
2.2 practicality
3.2 Engaging local and external community and raising awareness
4.2 Economic feasibility
Third: Management of the project
# Standard
1.3 How applicable the standards are
2.3 Organization and coordination
3.3 Timely delivery
4.3 How cooperative the team members are

Dates for submitting applications/award ceremony:

  • Applications should be submitted during November and December 2017.
  • Projects should be submitted by the first week of April 2018.
  • The project should be submitted on a flash memory alongside the attached application form to the award coordinators at DC.
  • Projects will be studies and evaluated during the second and third weeks of April 2018.
  • Dubai Customs hosts an awarding ceremony for winning projects and presents them to the media on April 26 of every year, marking the World Intellectual Property Day.
  • Invitees are the participating students and supervisors. (According to the application form)
  • The award: The top three universities/colleges are granted a cash prize and participation certificates.
  • Participating universities/colleges shall submit application forms.

Schools should submit their application forms after completing all required fields by sending them to the IPR Department at Dubai Customs. Proposed projects will be later sent to the same address:

For more information, please contact:-

Mahbooba Baqer 04 417 7282 / 050 595 1919 ​​

Thyab Ali 04 417 7296 / 050 3399962

Aysha Hareb 04 417 7283

Note: all submitted projects will become the sole property of Dubai Customs