Director’s Office Departments:

1- Strategy & Corporate Excellence Department

The Strategy and Corporate Excellence Department provides the organization with necessary strategies and ensures the efficacy of corporate performance through the implementation of corporate standards and excellence criteria. It is committed to delivering the highest quality of strategic policies, norms and statistical data to support decision making at Dubai Customs, enhance customer care, and achieve employee satisfaction.

2- Corporate Communication Department

The Corporate Communication Department oversees internal and external communication with a view to reinforcing joint collaboration with the Government and media, managing and enhancing corporate image, as well as monitoring and screening of all media published material and preparing relevant reports. It also secures the management, marketing and promotion of all corporate events, activities and services, in addition to fostering national identity and related loyalty to the corporate identity.
Furthermore, the department is also responsible for arranging, following-up and executing programs related to hosting and catering to visiting delegations. It also carries out identity programs and initiatives aimed at strengthening national identity, while at the same time investing in such partnerships that really support Dubai Customs’ core mission.

3- Internal Affairs Department

The Internal Affairs Department is responsible for ensuring compliance with Customs law, HR rules as well as other relevant policies and regulations. It is committed to assuring highest levels of integrity and security in accordance with international standards and taking necessary measures to impart organizational values to employees.

4- Audit & Revenues Development Department

The Department of Audit & Revenues Development is in charge of policies formulation, compliance monitoring, risk assessment and enforcement of crisis management plan to ensure business continuity during critical situations. Other functions include coordination and internal auditing of all DC departments in order to ensure compliance with regulations and operating procedures.

5- Passenger Operations Department

The role of Passenger Operations Department is to oversee and conduct effective inspections and investigations of passengers in line with applicable standards and policies. To that end, it employs state-of-the-art tools and techniques applied in inspection and behavioral assessment of passengers traveling through airports.