The following items must be declared by the passenger to the Customs officials on arrival and non declaration may be treated as smuggling which is an offence punishable by law.

1. Radios, striking appliances, self-defense equipment and sharp edged knives and swords.
2. Domestic pets and skins of endangered animals subject to CITES Convention (hides, ivory & stuffed animals).
3. Cash money (inclusive of currencies and traveler cheques) above AED 100,000 or the equivalent in other currencies.
4. Films, Books, Photographs, Visual & Compact Discs even if for personal one.
5. Gifts of commercial value exceeding AED 3,000/-.
6. Weapons, ammunition and military equipment.
7. Medicines of all kinds even if for personal use.
8. Fireworks & explosives.
9. Trees, plants and soil.
10. Narcotics of all kinds.