Personal Effects Clearance Procedure


Personal-Use Goods

If the imported items are for personal use purposes; they shall be duty exempted after inspection by Customs officers. In case the inspectors find out that these goods are brand new and in commercial quantities, a 5% Customs duty shall be charged thereon.

Required documents from the importer:

  • Passport copy
  • Residency visa copy
  • A written list of the imported goods


New and Used Vehicles:

You can import a new or a used car as per import regulations in effect at the time of importation. If the vehicle is imported via a shipping company, the following documents shall be required:

  • The invoice
  • The packing list
  • The bill of lading
  • A passport copy

If imported by a private person, the following documents shall be required:

  • A passport copy
  • The Invoice

The imported vehicle will be checked and valuated by Customs officers and 5% of its value shall be collected. ​​ok