Declaring Money Procedure

Passenger/s are obligated to declare the below listed items to the Customs Officers upon arrival. Failing and/or refraining from declaring them shall be deemed as a violation subject to legal action:

  1. Radios, tasers, self-defense gear, and bladed weapons such as knives and swords.
  2. Domestic animals and endangered species protected under CITES Convention (including Hides and stuffed animals).
  3. Cash money (inclusive of currencies and traveller cheques) exceeding AED 60,000 and/or its equiv​alent in other currencies.
  4. Films, books, photographs, digital storing devices, even ones of personal use.
  5. Gifts of value exceeding AED 3,000.
  6. Weapons, ammunition and military equipment.
  7. Medicines of all kinds even if for personal use.
  8. Fireworks & explosives.
  9. Trees, plants and soil.
  10. All classified narcotics.