Request Trade Statistics Report


Service Name Request Trade Statistics Report

A request for trade statistics report based on HS Codes, Country

Relationship Type

From Government to Business

Service Type Transactional
Service Hierarchy Sub Service
Service Interconnection N/A
Service Limitation N/A
Service Delivery Procedure
1. Submit the application through all available channels
2. Pay service fees
3. Receive the report.
Service Delivery Time

​Refer to service delivery centers working hours’ time table

Service Delivery Channel

​Customs Center

Target Category


Service Fees
  • One HS Code by Country per period - AED 200
  • One Country by HS Code per period - AED 200
  • AED 20 Knowledge and Innovation fees will be added on top of each report
Service Completion Time
2 working days
Required Documents

​Fill a statistical data request form

Terms and Conditions


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