The Reform and Modernization Program (RMP) is a collection of projects being developed together to re-engineer operations through business process improvement, affecting process, people and technology.
The RMP is a comprehensive organizational program, which affects the way that people, processes, technology and information is managed to achieve the organization’s objectives. The RMP projects are being developed on the premise that the core business of Customs is to:
  • Realize the right revenue return through
    • Having an efficient declaration processing system that allows traders to declare goods in an electronic format, but also allows for the exceptional cases who do not have the facilities to make the declaration on their own behalf.
    • Ensuring there is validation, processing and storage of data and identification of risk consignments.
    • Recognizing all cargo and goods entering and leaving Dubai and reconciling those goods with shipping documentation and goods declarations made.
    • Ensuring that refund and deposit claims are appropriate.
    • Identifying the revenue payable to member GCC states.
  • Protect society through appropriate compliance programs.
  • Provide accurate and timely trade data and statistics.
  • Promote Dubai’s International Reputation.
The three main projects which cover Customs core business are the Declaration Processing, Intelligence and Passenger & Crew processing, they deliver the core purpose of Customs:
  • Revenue Collection
  • Society Protection
  • Trade Data gathering/dissemination