Vision And Mission

RMP Vision

The vision is to successfully implement the RMP. The RMP is an organizational program which affects the way that people, processes, technology and information is managed to achieve the organizations objectives:
  • Collect and protect revenue.
  • Protect the economy.
  • Protect society.
  • Collect and disseminate trade data.
  • Provide high-level advice.
  • Facilitate Customs development in the region.
RMP Mission
The implementation principal that is of most importance is that Dubai Customs must meet the service delivery expectations of the Government of Dubai, the citizens of Dubai and the trading community who interact with Customs. The Government of Dubai has established for itself a vision of becoming an international centre for Finance, Tourism and Trade. Customs role is to support and enable this vision as it is at the centre of international trade and tourism when people and goods contact with Customs at the point they move across the border.