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DC's Finance Department Hosts Delegation from Dubai Health Authority to Get Introduced to Best Practices  


Dubai Customs' Finance Department hosted a delegation from the Finance Department of Dubai Health Authority to get introduced to DC's best practices, along with accounting and auditing training courses and programs that deepen the role played by the personnel of the Finance Department at Dubai Customs. The visiting delegation included Aisha Mehairbi, Head of Payments, Azza Al Marri, Head of Cost and Budget Department, Mona Abdel Aziz Al Khaja, Head of Local Payments Division, and Amira Al Zarouni, Head of the Reports Division.
The delegation was welcomed by Fahima Shiban, Senior Manager of Budget and Financial Reporting Department, Said Khalil Banai, Senior Manager of the Revenues Department, Hiam Galadari, Director of the Budget and Financial Planning Division, Ohood al Miza, Director of the Fianncial Reporting Division, Ahmed Al-Qattan, Financial Expert, and several accountants from the Financial Department.
In line with DC's strategic objectives, this visit was intended to exchange and share knowledge and expertise with other institutions for the public interests. Such meetings are in favor of customs employees in general and finance employees in particular.
The DC's Financial Department team gave a presentation on the divisions of the Finance Department and the tasks assigned to each division, and the applied systems and mechanisms.