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The Customs Training Center meets with a delegation from the International Center for Security and Safety at Dubai Police Academy 


The Customs Training Center has met with A delegation from the International Center for Security and Safety at Dubai Police Academy, in the light of the cooperation between both parties to execute specialized security programs for Dubai Customs employees and learn about the best practices in the field of training and development.
The visiting delegation included Captain Mohammed Khamis Al Marri, head of National and International Cooperation Department at the International Center for Security and Safety at the Dubai Police Academy, Mr. Adel Abdul Hady, Director of the center studies and coordination office, and Police Corporal Omar Ahmed from the National and International Cooperation Department.
Professor Sheikha Al Ghafri, Director of the Customs Training Center, has been assigned to present a detailed explanation about the training plan of Dubai Customs in 2016, in addition to the main elements and the focus points according to which the training plan has been set.
She has clarified the significant role of the programs and security training workshops offered to Dubai Customs employees since they participate in making the security culture imprinted inside the employees’ minds, and enhancing their ability to encounter risks of smuggling. Thus, such programs and workshops help to enhance the society security and lawful trade on the international level.
On the other hand, Captain Mohammed Khamis Al Marri has emphasized the dynamic role of the Customs Training Center in developing the security and knowledge skills of the persons targeted by the Center programs. He has clarified the elements of the training plan in 2016, and its role in enhancing the public security in the state.
At the conclusion of the meeting, the delegation has inspected the Customs Training Center building, had a look at the training facilities, and has been impressed by the modern supplies inside the center.