In line with the administrative decision No. 64/2012 annexed to the administrative decision No. 33/2009 establishing Community Affairs and Government Partnership Division, the Government Partnership Section was moved to the Corporate Communication Department as one of its key units and was assigned the following tasks and responsibilities:

• Identifying potential government partners in order to create strategic partnerships.
• Establishing various communication channels between Customs and other government agencies in order to facilitate information exchange.
• Cooperating with other Customs divisions regarding the current and future potential partnerships that can add value to the business practice.
• Working hand in hand to consolidate Customs development, enhance its reputation and help in the benchmarking process.
• Establishing joint ventures and capacity building initiatives with other government entities.
• Enhancing the reputation of Dubai Customs vis-à-vis its partners through continued communication.
• Supporting and assisting customers with overlapping issues among different government departments through concerted coordination with concerned entities.
• Close cooperation with  other government agencies to maintain a sustainable economic, social, cultural and environmental development for Dubai and the UAE at large.
• Aiding with the establishment of MoUs and agreements between Dubai Customs and other government agencies.
• Overseeing, assessing and analyzing the outcomes of MoUs and agreements in accordance with defined standards to ensure improvement of operational performance, simplification of procedures and upgrade of customers services.
• Managing MoUs and agreements concluded on behalf of Dubai Customs with other government agencies.
• Designing frameworks and identifying areas of partnerships to ensure and foster mutual benefits for all parties.
• Ensuring exchange of corporate knowledge and corporate cultural compatibility with all partners and at all levels.