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Dubai Cargo Village Center Launches ‘old times shop’ Initiative to promote National Identity 



In the framework of Dubai Customs’ keenness to strengthen the concept of national identity among employees and customers, the Dubai Cargo Village Center of the Department of Air Customs Centers activated the national identity by launching "old times shop", and the construction of Al-Arish in front of the center‘s entrance. The idea of the initiative came from Ms. Zekrayat  al-Mansouri, one of the center’s outstanding employees , with the operations employees at the center ‘s shipping village taking part in the event by selling the popular Emirati  foods (Albulalait, Harris, al-Madrouba, Khabar Aljbab ,al-Mahali, and different types of tea, in addition to selling traditional Emirati  clothes  to visitors), which won the approbation and acceptance of  employees and visitors from the customers and staff of strategic partners.
Furthermore, Khalifa Atiq, senior manager of the cargo village center, joined the employees in participating the functions of this event, stressing that the Department is keen on activating initiatives that will instill the concept of national identity in the minds of citizens in various ways. Besides, he expressed his happiness with the participation of employees from various departments in the event, in addition to the customers. Hence, the idea of activating the national identity initiative has won the desirability of everyone.