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Employees of Dubai Customs Refund and Maqasa Department distribute winter clothing for workers  





In line with corporate social responsibility approach within Dubai Customs (DC), employees at the Refund and Maqasa Department of Dubai Customs distributed winter clothing for DC workers. Mrs. Ghanima Ibrahim, the Director of Refund and Maqasa Department along with the Refund and Maqasa employees handed over clothing to workers at their working stations within DC.


 “The winter clothing initiative was first initiated by the Refund and Maqasa Department employees, which comes in line with Dubai Customs strategy which gives community engagement a great deal of importance besides its economy and security roles,” Ghanima Ibrahim said.
The Refund and Maqasa employees expressed their happiness for taking part in this initiative. They also stressed that despite the humbleness  of this initiative; it succeeded in leaving a positive impact on the beneficiary workers by protecting them from the cold weather.