Seaport Automation System - SAS

Seaport Automation System (SAS) is a Customs software installed in the Shipping Companies PC for their operations.  There will be a monthly subscription charge as per the transaction usage and tariff below, which is by default determined by the system as stipulated on the contract.
The procedures for requesting the SAS access are:
-          The Customer will  obtain a shipping agent code from the Customs Licensing and Registration Department.
-          The Customer will  send a request letter for providing the access on the company letter head with the shipping agent code, name of authorized signatory with company stamp and sign, name of contact person and their telephone number, along with a copy of valid trade license and submit to the Customs Declaration Management (CDM) Department.
-          Customs will issue the contract in this respect, after signing the contract by both parties (Customer & Customs), CDM Department will raise the workflow request for system access.
-          After the approval of the system access by the manager, the request will be referred to the system owner. Once a final approval is granted,  the request will assigned to the IT team.
-          IT team will contact the Customer and the IT Engineer will arrange to install the software in the shipping company’s office on the designated PC.
-          After installation of the software, from the same month onwards the system will send the statement for subscription and usage charges by e-mail. The statement should be settled before the 20th day of the following month. If the customer fails to pay the dues within the time limit, the service may be interrupted until the settlement.
Tariff is as below:-
Delete DO ( I & R )
Issue DO ( I & R )
BOL Delete Late Fee
BOL Insert Late Fee
BOL Update Late Fee
MRN Cancellation Late Fee
MRN Insert Late Fee
Cancel SSS B/E
Issue SSS B/E
Subscription Charge
Additional Connection Charges
-          Customers should refer to the Customs Notice No. 1/2013 for the new rules and regulations as per the GCC Common Customs Law to avoid fines & penalties on registering the Manifest and BoL.