Customs Duty Credit Account - CDR

Account Opening

Steps to complete the procedure:
  1. Ensure an Importer Code for the Customer is opened by the Client Partnership Department.
  2. Give a specific CDR Credit account number.
  3. Enter the CDR Credit account limit into the system.
  4. Activate the CDR Credit account.
Documents required:
  1. Pre-approval Account Opening Form signed by Client Partnership department.
  2. Original Bank Guarantee to cover the credit account limit. Or,
  3. Self Guarantee letter to cover the credit account limit based on an approval by the Credit Committee.
  4. Provide a valid trade license copy. This is for the purpose of entering accurate date into the system upon opening an account.

Invoicing Process
Steps to complete the procedure:
  1. Manual Entries are to be updated in the system before the demand notice generation.
  2. Demand Notice Generation for all the account holders by second day of every month.
Documents required:
  1. Manual Journal Entries to be obtained from the concerned operations section.

Delivery of the Demand Notices
Steps to complete the procedure:
  1. Make sure that all demand notices are generated in the system.
  2. Send Demand notices to companies with email addresses.
  3. Print all the Demand notices for companies with no email
Documents required:
  1. Original Demand Notices

Payment Process
Steps to complete the procedure:
  1. Accept Cash or cheque against Demand Notice
  2. Issue of E revenue Receipt
Documents required:
  1. Copy of the Statement of Account/Demand Notice
  2. Cheque or cash equivalent to the dues

Queries Relating to Account Statement
Steps to complete the procedure:
  1. Receive Consignee queries relating to account
Documents required:
  1. E mails from Customer requesting the details of account.

Permanent Closure of the Account
Steps to complete the procedure:
  1. Make sure that no balance is outstanding in the account
  2. If there is any outstanding in the account inform the customer to settle the dues in full
  3. Deactivate the account to avoid any more transactions to appear in the account
  4. Close the Account permanently.
Documents required:
  1. Formal letter requesting for closure of the account from the customer.
  2. Receive the Client partnership section’s approval for the closure of the account.