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People of determination are an integral part of the Dubai Customs work system and society at large. In its strategic plan Dubai Customs adopted empowerment of people of determination as a key part of its workforce. The organization has provided all resources and requirements to enable these individuals and give them a fair chance to serve their community and their nation through an inclusive, disability-friendly workplace environment. Dubai Customs website is equipped with latest tools making it easily accessible to persons with disabilities.

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When women are fully empowered and engaged, all of society benefits. Indeed, this is our firm belief here in Dubai Customs. We always commit ourselves to motivating and enabling women staff so as to aid them succeed in both professional and personal contexts.
As a move to better listen to the needs and views of all female employees, Dubai Customs instituted the Ladies Committee with a view to building the knowledge and capacities of its women workforce towards excellence and leadership.
The committee boasts an elite of female Customs veterans, who are tasked with raising women’s status within Dubai Customs as well as expanding and effectuating their creative role in the community at large. Such empowerment efforts are very consistent with the careful attention our wise leadership devotes to Emirati woman and her concerns, because “Woman is the spirit of the place,” as put by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. 
The Ladies Committee aims to empower women socially, culturally and spiritually, and to help them evolve to become more self-confident and equipped to perform their duties and equally contribute to the success of Dubai Customs across different areas.
It also aspires to establish an open forum for sharing thoughts to address pressing issues and provide innovative solutions, in a way that helps in forging bonds of friendship among DC women personnel and promotes their level of community engagement inside and outside of the workplace.
Another core objective of the committee is to guide women towards achieving a right balance between work and family life, as well as to help foster and maintain an attractive woman-friendly work environment at Dubai Customs that is particularly conducive to innovation and creativity.
The Dubai Customs Ladies Committee has an ambitious, future-looking vision of creating ‘women leaders capable of actively contributing to the comprehensive development of the UAE’. Its mission consists in upholding the status of women Customs employees enticing them to innovation and positive interaction, which would bolster women’s overall wellbeing in all spheres of career, familial and societal life. This enlightened outlook is inspired by the eternal wisdom of late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan when he remarked, “What women in the UAE have achieved in such a short time makes me both happy and reassured. We sowed our seeds yesterday, and today it all starts to bear fruit. We praise God for the formidable role that women play in our society. It is clear that this role is beneficial for both present and future generations.”
Dubai Customs got a head start over many local Government entities to look after women’s needs and make use of their full potential. They are equally present and involved in all DC’s development plans and constitute an integral part of the organization’s continuing journey to success. 

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