Vision, Mission, Goal

Women leaders capable of contributing to the comprehensive development of the UAE.

To improve the status of women Customs employees by stimulating innovation and positive interaction, which will strengthen their overall wellbeing.

Ladies Committee Objectives: 

1. Promoting ambitious policies aimed to refine the personality of Customs women in all walks of life, as a key partner in shaping the future.
2. Empowering Customs women as per the framework set out in the National Strategy for Empowerment of Emirati Women 2015-2021.
3. Reduce the gap between men and women and create a gender parity structure that drives sustainable development.
4. Training and capacity building of Customs women to be competitive in vital sectors and meet the requirements of knowledge society.
5. Fostering a Customs working environment conducive to creativity and innovation, and embracing talented female employees.
6. Establishing happiness as a core value for women in Dubai Customs.