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The Dubai Customs Ladies Committee had a First Annual Meeting to Discuss their Yearly Plan in Efforts to Enhance the Female Workforce  

The Dubai Customs Ladies Committee held their first annual meeting, at the Dome Hall in Dubai Customs following an initial meeting where they set their yearly plan. The meetings objective was to further discuss their yearly plan, committee’s objectives and receive any suggestions the employees have.
A staggering number of female employees attended the meeting, they discussed their yearly upcoming plan which is comprised of honouring all female employees who received a high-performance appraisal, special offers, health awareness initiatives, an etiquette course, organized corporate trips outside of DC, fitness activities such as yoga sessions, tennis, and swimming, as well as a beauty exhibition, specialized in all matters that have to do with aesthetics to name a few.
Mrs. Maryam Al Shamsi, Head of the Committee lead the discussion, along with the remaining 9 members. They opened up the floor to hear any suggestions from the attendees in order to place it in the plan, and fulfil their needs.
“I am pleased with the turnout of the meeting, a staggering number of employees attended, they were very happy to be part of something where they can voice their opinions and suggestions in a comfortable environment, where they can discuss their needs freely. This is a great achievement because our main objective when forming the committee was to create a place where our female employees can come together to further develop themselves as well as voice any needs they have in order for us to serve them better,” Mrs. Maryam Al Shamsi, Government Partnership Manager and Head of Ladies Committee.
Mrs. Maryam continued, “Our main objective is to empower women, and we are doing so by fulfilling their wishes whether through training courses, fieldtrips, discounts at their favourite shops and most importantly by voicing their needs and suggestions to another level.”
Dubai Customs is an advocate for empowering women by fulfilling their needs and utilizing their powers and skills to enhance performance at the department, which goes hand in hand with the committee’s vision which is women leaders who contribute comprehensively to the development of the nation.
Concluding the meeting, Mrs. Maryam thanked all of the female employees for their efforts and their bright suggestions and announced the winners of the raffle they held , two winners won distinguished gifts. Mrs. Aisha Ali, Technical Support won a complimentary one-month membership to a fitness club, and Mrs. Reem Foolad, Finance Department also won a complimentary one-month membership at The Dubai Ladies Club. The attendees requested to meet every two months in order to continuously discuss their suggestions and present new ideas in a timely manner.
The Dubai Customs website was updated with a customized section for the committee, where female employees have access to enter their suggestions and demands at any time. Aside from the website, the employees have the option to send an e-mail where the members will have direct access to all of the employees private messages. Mrs. Maryam along with the 9 members will start implementing the plan and motivate all of the female employees to voice their needs through the committee in order to fulfil their vision and message.