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People of determination are an integral part of the Dubai Customs work system and society at large. In its strategic plan Dubai Customs adopted empowerment of people of determination as a key part of its workforce. The organization has provided all resources and requirements to enable these individuals and give them a fair chance to serve their community and their nation through an inclusive, disability-friendly workplace environment. Dubai Customs website is equipped with latest tools making it easily accessible to persons with disabilities.

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Official Working Hours

  • Operations/Inspection: Saturday to Thursday from 07:30 to 14:30
  • Administrative departments: Sunday to Thursday from 07:30 to 14:30

    Note: Some operations and Inspection sections at Customs Centers work in shifts covering a 24-hour operation. Working hours for each shift shall be determined by the respective Center Managers.

Employees Duties

  • The employee shall be banned from acting adversely to the duties of his job or behave indecently in contradiction with the general morals and job requirements and integrity.
  • The employee shall not carry out a third party paid or unpaid job even after the official working hours unless permission from the Director General is obtained.
  • The employee must not have any personal interest or brokerage in business or contracts relating to the Organization operations, which fall within the scope of his jurisdictions.
  • The employee must maintain the organization’s property and not disclose any trade secret, which he may view by virtue of his job whether confidential in nature or governed by instructions issued to him.


Employees Incentives

1. Suggestion and Reward System (SRS)

Dubai Customs encourages all employees to appreciate their ideas and suggestions, which may develop business, reduce costs, increase income or improve service offering. A Suggestion and Reward System (SRS) through which suggestions are submitted and studied and employees are rewarded has been introduced.

2. Tanafus:

Employees Appreciation and Encouragement Guide' objectives:

  • Encourage employees to improve performance.
  • Create honest competition climate among employees.
  • Demonstrate employees` distinguished experiments as to make use of them.
  • Appreciate employees` efforts aiming to the organizational development.
  • Develop corporate loyalty and encourage team work.

Employees compete to win the title of “distinguished employee” by being nominated by their departments according to the following categories:

  • Quarterly Reward Categories:

1. Distinguished employee (supervisory jobs, executive posts, service jobs).
2. Seizures (as per inspectors reward approved system).
3. Distinguished teamwork.

  • Annual Reward Categories:

1. Years of service (20 years and above).
2. Retired employees.
3. Unknown Soldier at Divisional level.
4. Distinguished department at divisional level.
5. Leader employee at Divisional level. 

3. Annual Reward Ceremony

The organization organizes annual reward ceremony for rewarding employees including a number of distinguished categories and business units.

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