DCP(45)Customs Policy No.45/2017 Amending Customs Policy No. 12/2006 on disclosure of personal luggage, inspection and exemption of "taxes" customs duties
( PDFDCP45_2017.pdf)
File Size: 850 KB
File Date: 21/05/2017
DCP(44)Customs Policy No. (44/2016) Amending the Customs Policy No. (43/2015) on Transfer of Goods between Customs Zones within Dubai via “Virtual Corridor” Procedure.
( PDFDCP_44_2016.pdf)
File Size: 807 KB
File Date: 21/05/2017
DCP(43)Customs Policy No. (43/2015) concerning Transfers of Goods between Customs Zones within Dubai via "Virtual Corridor" Procedure.
( PDFDCP43_2015.pdf)
File Size: 1009 KB
File Date: 21/05/2017
This policy has been amended with Policy No. 44
DCP(42)42-2015 english.pdf
( PDF42-2015 english.pdf)
File Size: 32525 KB
File Date: 11/08/2015
DCP(41)Policy amending Customs Policy No.38/2011 concerning implementation of Temporary Admision Papers (ATA Carnet)
( PDFCP41.pdf)
File Size: 309 KB
File Date: 23/06/2015
DCP(40)Implementation of the Free Trade Agreement between the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf and the Republic of Singapore
( PDFCP40_2015.pdf)
File Size: 5220 KB
File Date: 17/03/2015
DCP(39)Goods Examination Procedures
( PDFCP39e.pdf)
File Size: 2794 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
DCP(38)Implementation of Temporary Admission Papers (ATA Carnets)
( PDFCP38E.pdf)
File Size: 702 KB
File Date: 22/06/2015
This policy has been amended with Policy No. 41
DCP(37)Policy amending Customs Policy No.34/2010 concerning import of foreign goods intended to be re-exported
( PDFCP37e.pdf)
File Size: 338 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
DCP(36)Policy Amending Customs Policy No.33/2010 Concerning Temporary Admission
( PDFCP36e.pdf)
File Size: 334 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
DCP(35)Goods in Transit
( PDFCP35e.pdf)
File Size: 2481 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
DCP(34)Import of Foreign Goods Intended to be Re-Exported
( PDFCP34en.pdf)
File Size: 135 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
DCP(33)Temporary Admission
( PDFCP33en.pdf)
File Size: 432 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
DCP(32)Release of Goods Prior to Completing Some Customs
( PDFCP32E.pdf)
File Size: 1579 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
DCP(31)Amended Customs Policy No. 19/2008: Concerning Sale of Goods by Public Auction
( PDFCP31English.pdf)
File Size: 776 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
DCP(30)Customs Seal Requirements and Issuance Procedures
( PDFCP30English.pdf)
File Size: 1290 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
DCP(29)Public Customs Warehouses
( PDFDCP29.pdf)
File Size: 3275 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
DCP(28)Client Registration for Acquiring Customs Code
( PDFDCP28.pdf)
File Size: 1035 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
DCP(27)Amended Customs Policy No. 24/2009: Concerning Private Customs Warehouses
( PDF27DCPAmendedCustomsPolicyN0242009ConcerningPrivate.PDF)
File Size: 248 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
DCP(26)Procedures for Goods Detainment and Referral to Detained Items Section
( PDFDCP26procedureforgoodsdetaimentandreferraltodetain.pdf)
File Size: 277 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
DCP(25)Amended Customs Policy No. 15/2008: Concerning Conditions and Controls for Implementing the Agreement on Establishing Pan-Arab Free Trade Area
( PDFrevisedcustomspolicy152008conceringconditionscontr.pdf)
File Size: 989 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
DCP(24)Private Customs Warehouses
( PDFprivatecustomswarehousesDCP24.pdf)
File Size: 1650 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
This policy has been amended with Policy No. 27
DCP(17)Customs Broker Policy
( PDFCustomsProkerPolicyDCP17smaller1.pdf)
File Size: 403 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
DCP(14)Goods Restriction, Prohibition and Processing
( PDFDCP14.pdf)
File Size: 262 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
DCP(2)Goods Declaration
( PDFGoodsDeclarationDCP2.pdf)
File Size: 336 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
DCP(21)Examination and Inspection of Goods
Policy No. 21 has been canceled & replaced with Policy No. 39
DCP(20)Mechanism for Determining the Value of Passengers & Cargo Transport Vehicles
( PDFmechanismfordeterminingthevalueofpassengerscargotr.pdf)
File Size: 2504 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
DCP(18)Release of Goods Prior to Completing Some Customs Procedures Against Financial Guarantees
Policy No. 18 has been canceled & replaced with Policy No. 32
DCP(15)Conditions and Controls of the Implementation of the Greater Arab Free Trade Area
( PDFconditionsandcontrolsoftheimplementionofthegreater.pdf)
File Size: 700 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
This policy has been amended with Policy No. 25
DCP(13)Amended Customs Policy: Proof of Origin and Settlement of Disputes thereof
( PDFCustomsPolicyamending_ProofofOriginandSettlementof.pdf)
File Size: 482 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
DCP(12)Declaration & Inspection of Items or Belongings Accompanying the Passengers and their Exemptions
( PDFDeclarationInspectionofItemsorBelongingsAccompanyi.pdf)
File Size: 1897 KB
File Date: 03/05/2017
This policy has been amended with Policy No. 45
DCP(9)Commercial Discounts Treatment for Customs Purposes
( PDFCommercialDiscountsTreatmentforCustomsPurposesDCP9.pdf)
File Size: 1025 KB
File Date: 03/07/2012
DCP(8)Conditions and Controls for exempting Personal Effects and Household Items
( PDFConditionsandControlsforexemptingPersonalEffectsan.pdf)
File Size: 995 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
DCP(7)Implementation of Agreement on Customs Valuation
( PDFImplementationofAgreementonCustomsValuationDCP7.pdf)
File Size: 3250 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
DCP(5)Proof of Origin and Settlement of Disputes
( PDFProofofOriginandSettlementofDisputesDCP5.pdf)
File Size: 1385 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
This policy has been amended with Policy No. 13
DCP(4)Import & Export of Goods in Accordance with the Company or Agency's Activity
( PDFImportExportofgoodsinaccordancewiththecompanyorage.pdf)
File Size: 339 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
DCP(3)Sale of Goods by Public Auction
Policy No. 3 has been canceled & replaced with Policy No. 19
DCP(1)Returned Goods
( PDFReturnedGoodsDCP1.pdf)
File Size: 889 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
DCP(0)Legislations and Policies Division
( PDFDCPoliciesv1_en.pdf)
File Size: 545 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
​(PDF DCPoliciesv1_en.pdf)
​File Size: 544 KB
File Date: 29/06/2012
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