Vision, Mission and Values


Our Vision

The leading customs administration in the world supporting legitimate trade.

Our Mission

Protecting the society and sustaining economic development through compliance and facilitation.

Our Values

In our quest towards our strategic vision and realizing our overall mission, we shall always be guided by our shared values which are:

Leadership: To adopt global best practices in customs work that will sustain reputation of Dubai as a global trading hub.


Team spirit: To work as a team to achieve the vision, mission and strategic goals of Dubai Customs.


Honesty and integrity: To ensure objectivity, fairness and transparency, and uphold public interest over personal interest.


Motivation and creativity: To create a stimulating and motivating work environment that inspires creative initiatives and promotes institutional loyalty.


Professionalism: To perform our business efficiently and accurately, supported by determination and sense of challenge.


To be proud of working for Dubai Customs and seek to improve its performance, reputation and image.